Therapy couch "Select"


Couch surface: 2-part
Height adjustment: electric or hydraulic
Height adjustment from: 55 - 95 cm
Couch surface (WxL): 65/70/80 x 195 cm
Load capacity: 200 kg
Wheels frame: yes
Headboard: positive and negative adjustable
Nose slot: yes or no
Delivery time about 2 weeks

€ 2.034,00 inkl. USt.
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Therapy table Lojer Capre M2 hydraulic

A very stable Lojer therapy table Capre M2RH hydraulics, with extremely simple operation, which sets completely new accents in design and color selection in the area of ​​standard tables.

€ 2.094,98 inkl. USt.
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Therapy table Lojer Capre M2 electric

2-part lying surface
electric height adjustment
wheel automatic
battery pack
frame switch

€ 2.345,00 inkl. USt.
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Therapy couch "Vento"

VentoWith scissors frame (standard white or inox silver), thus vertical height adjustment (electric or hydraulic / 45-95cm), standard with protective covers and safety lock box ..

€ 1.990,00 inkl. USt.
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Therapy couch Vento TX 3


The therapy couches of the VENTO series are still our best-selling couches, they ....

€ 2.590,00 inkl. USt.
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Therapy couch "Select S"

selectsThe special version of the Select with the additional drainage adjustment.

€ 2.754,00 inkl. USt.
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Therapy couch Bobath Vojta-Spezial 1

Robust technology with excellent price-performance ratio.

€ 2.994,00 inkl. USt.
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Therapy couch "Vojta"


Therapy couch as standard with gear frame, hand and foot switch, frame white plastic-coated, impact protection, lying area 120x180cm, height adjustment ...

€ 3.420,00 inkl. USt.
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Examination couch including paper roll holder


with 2 grid width: 65 cm height: 65 cm length: 195 cm max. Carrying capacity: 220 kg, roll holder for doctor's crepe up to 53 cm wide

different colors


€ 644,29
€ 624,96
inkl. USt.
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Massage couch Standard


An extremely sturdy profile frame made of 30 x 30 mm thick square tube with leveling on all legs to correct bumps ........

€ 714,00 inkl. USt.
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Bobathcouch Vento

the width therapy couch 

€ 2.790,00 inkl. USt.
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Recliner Michelangelo

  • Electrically adjustable height and erection
  • Large height adjustment range
  • 5 fixation straps to secure the patient
  • 4 castors for easy maneuvering of the table
  • Integrated goniometer for reading the erection angle

€ 6.149,00 inkl. USt.
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Therapy couch O-Line


The round tube frame has a diameter of approx.
4.8 cm. The padded headboard is adjustable up to + 35 °.


€ 599,00
€ 581,03
inkl. USt.
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Therapy couch Tiziano Natur, foldable

The treatment table Tiziano with oblique leg position is particularly stable and loadable up to 160 kg. The headboard is adjustable in inclination by + 45 °.

€ 895,00 inkl. USt.
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Therapy couch Bernini Natur


The massage bench Bernini Natur is made of high quality and solid ash wood. The padded headboard with nose slot is adjustable up to + 50 °.

€ 849,00
€ 823,54
inkl. USt.
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Therapy couch Lojer Manuthera 242


The Manuthera 242 is a one-for-one treatment couch for demanding examinations and treatments by manual therapists of various orientations.

€ 13.995,00 inkl. USt.
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Therapy couch Wellflexli

The Wellflexli is a multifunctional treatment couch for cosmetics, massage and pampering treatments.

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Wall folding massage couch

For confined spaces - the wall folding massage table If space is a problem, our hinged version is the perfect solution.

€ 882,00 inkl. USt.
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cerebral palsy, multi sclerosis,
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